Cleaner Automatic Smart Car Wash Machine is a prestigious product manufactured by a company focused on the design, manufacturing, and sales of automatic car wash equipment. Our equipment selection includes tunnel car washes, gantry car washes, and fast bus washes. Cleaner is a car washing machine that has won a number of industry honors and technology patents. It relies on the technical experience of its parent company, Lantian Robot. It also exploits the joint resource advantages in the field of robot systems integration. Cleaner has become a fast-growing smart car wash equipment brand in China.

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Best-selling car wash
Tunnel continuous car wash

Three-stage assembly mode, amazing car wash experience

Tunnel continuous car wash
Gantry reciprocating car wash

Newly-looking car in an instant, just like car lovers’ spa

Gantry reciprocating car wash
Automatic car wash

No labor required, three-step washing process

Automatic car wash
Fast bus car wash

Highly automated, continuous, and fast cleaning

Fast bus car wash
We lead the future with excellence in quality and smart technology
The Cleaner smart car washing machine brings you a new experience, making car washing more convenient, safer, cleaner, and more environmentally friendly.
  • Safe and reliable

    The 24-hour remote control with its smart industrial control computer (chip level) ensures the highest equipment safety

  • Smart positioning

    The wheel body positioning system guarantees the best cleaning results for each vehicle

  • Cleaning mode

    The automatic profiling and brushing the body ensures that the vehicle is cleaned 360 degrees without dead ends

  • Brush material

    The imported polyethylene foam plastic material is used to gently wipe the vehicle to prevent it from being scratched

  • Pre-wash system

    The pre-rinsing mode first performs non-contact cleaning of the vehicle body to ensure zero damages to the car coating

  • Three-stage water treatment circulation system

    Reduce water pollution, maximize recycling water treatment, and achieve zero emissions

Three highlights of the product
Smart industrial computer control drive
Smart industrial computer control drive

The fourth-generation intelligent industrial computer (chip level) controls and drives the car washing equipment. The control system is more concise, and the direct drive has lower energy consumptions: all electric drive, more precise control and more powerful extension. Equipment maintenance has become more convenient!

Smart industrial computer control drive
Three-stage design advantages

1.Modular design, short installation and commissioning cycle
2.Low failure rate thanks to the its fixed top-blown structure
3.Improved delivery capabilities

Spiral fan air-drying effect close to 95%
  • 01 FIRST

    Intelligent industrial computer control drive

  • 02 SECOND

    Three-stage assembly for a better performance

  • 03 THIRD  

    Spiral fan air-drying effect close to 95%

Our core advantages

Choose a Cleaner car washer

  • Our company’s strengths, Trust our professional expertise and trustworthy technology

    ◆ We are a Hunan high-tech enterprise

    ◆ We are a well-known industrial robot system integrators and smart car washing machine manufacturer

    ◆ We are an automated manufacturing company integrating technology R&D with manufacturing.

    ◆ We passed the ISO9001 quality certification system in 2010 and implemented it in strict accordance with the industry standards

    ◆ Our major components are sourced from global brand manufacturers to ensure the high-quality performance of our components

  • Deep technical foundation and high quality casting!

    ◆ We adhere to independent R&D and manufacturing standards - we have collected more than 30 patents

    ◆ The first smart assembly line for car washing machines in China

    ◆ 4th-generation car washer with chip-level intelligent industrial control computer driver module

    ◆ Spiral fan for an air-drying effect close to 95%

    Deep technical foundation and high quality casting!
  • Trust our reliable factory direct sales and multi-test delivery process!

    ◆ Factory direct sales without intermediaries for a more affordable price

    ◆ Customized service based on the customers’ needs, Integrated R&D, production, manufacturing, processing, and installation

    ◆ Multiple inspection tests before the equipment leaves the factory for higher quality standards

    Trust our reliable factory direct sales and multi-test delivery process!
  • Trust our professional service and after-sales support!

    ◆ We have a professional after-sales service team to conduct monthly inspections and proactive after-sales checks

    ◆ We can rely on 3 joint production bases, 50 city partners, 30 after-sales service facilities

    ◆ 2 hours response for remote issue resolution, 4-hour handling of all technical problems

    ◆ If the problem is not resolved within 48 hours, each insured customer will be compensated with 200 yuan/day

    Trust our professional service and after-sales support!
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